American Clay Plaster

American ClayAmerican Clay Earth Plaster Loma

Loma provides a surprising range of textures and colors for interior walls that make Loma a natural choice for warmth and beauty. With low inherent energy used during the manufacturing process and less waste in production and application,  American Clay is committed to the environment and the future. Clay naturally controls climate by regulating arid and humid air, absorbing and releasing moisture in response to environmental changes. Warm to the touch in winter and surprisingly cool in summer, Loma creates a wall surface that is inviting to the senses. Loma can be applied to almost any wall surface including drywall, adobe, straw bale,  masonry, and wood. Minimal preparation is required. Standard plastering techniques are used for application and it is easy to install even with minimal experience.

Prices start around $68.95 for a 50lb bag

American Clay Earth Plaster Maritimo

PorcelinaThe strongest of our three plasters, MARITTIMO™ draws its’ beauty and charm from the Mediterranean villages of Morocco and from the playfulness and color of the Caribbean islands. Crushed shell aggregate gives it strength. In addition it is the shell that provides the speckle that adds depth and subtle sheen to any interior environment. Somewhat reminiscent of the ancient shell terrazzo floors of Italy and Egypt, MARITTIMO brings a soft patina that envelops a room with exquisite beauty. When reworked with a Lexan trowel, MARITTIMO imparts a glow unequaled in the world of plaster.

Pigments for use with any of the Earth Plasters start at $100.50 for a 50lb bag

American Clay Earth Plaster Porcelina


The new American Clay Porcelina is a “Venetian,” super-smooth topcoat that cures to a satin—almost texture-free surface. Prized by artisans for centuries, this smooth surface can resemble fine marble. Worked in sections of several colors American Clay Porcelina will produce the mottled appearance of the Venetian plasters of Mediterranean and Italian villas. Burnishing with fine sandpaper is not required to achieve the “honed marble” appearance associated with Venetian finishes. Just smooth the Porcelina with a plastic trowel.

Prices start around $109.95 for 50 lb. bag


Add-Mix can be added to American Clay Earth Plaster as an acrylic component for added strength and durability.   It is recommended for high-traffic or commercial areas. To use, simply mix the Add-Mix at a ratio of up to 1:3 with water. (The ratio can be as little as 1:1 to increase the acrylic content.) Then, use the mixture in place of the water for mixing into American Clay Earth Plaster.

Prices: $42.95

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