Sandhill Glass Tile

Sandhill Industries glass tile made from 100% recycled glass can be used to tile your walls, countertops, floors showers or your pool! The unique properties of Sandhill Glass Tile make it a versatile surfacing material ideal for many purposes. Sandhill Glass Tile may be used for interior and exterior installations on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, in residential and commercial applications.

These environmentally friendly tiles can be substituted for ceramic and natural stone products in most applications and can withstand normal fluctuations in temperature and humidity, and may be used in heated areas including pools, saunas, and steam rooms. In addition, glass tiles are nonporous making them resistant to chemicals and other contaminants in exterior as well as interior applications. The tiles should not be subjected to thermal shock.

Sandhill Industries offers a 100% recycled glass tile in a large variety of colors and sizes. Not only are these products made from 100% recycled glass, which is otherwise destined for landfills, each tile takes less than one-half of the energy to produce than ceramic tile, and less than one-fourth of the energy it takes to produce a cast-glass tile.

Field Tile sold and priced by the square foot in glossy as well as matte finish.

Glossy: 4×4, 3×6 -$26.00. 3×3, 2″x4″ Bar, 4″ Diamonds, 4″ Triangles-$40.00.
Matte: 4×4, 3×6 – $ 40.00. 3×3, 2″x4″ Bar, 4″ Diamonds, 4″ Triangles-$ 60.00

Also sold by the sheet

Matte: 1×1, 2×2, and 2″ Triangle, solids-$80.00, custom blends and checker board- $ 100.00
Glossy: 1×1, 2×2, and 2″ Triangle, solids-$60.00, standard blends-$70.00, custom blends and checker board -$ 80.00


Color Palette

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