Wood & Floor Finishes

Whether you are working with wood or stone, the right finishes can make a huge difference in the final appearance and durability of your materials. From outdoor wooden furniture to stone flooring, The Green Building Center is dedicated to helping you get the best finishes for any project.

Many traditional finishes may be able to provide a nice-looking sheen to the wood or stone, but they can be a significant source of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Now, though, there are many finishes that you can use in place of these solvent-based finishes to get the same incredible appearance but with greatly reduced odor and toxicity.

At The Green Building Center we offer a wide range of floor finishes, furniture finishes, and cement or stone finishes that will help you complete any home or office project.  We offer extremely low VOC water based products to natural oil finishes.  These oil finishes are made from seeds and other plant parts that are renewable and easy to harvest. These oils penetrate into the pores of the wood or stone rather than simply forming a protective film on the surface. Wood finishes like these are more repairable and are nourish the wood, rather than just protect it.

Take a look at our selection and order the finishes that will make your work shine. We can help you find a product to do everything from treat your deck or raised vegetable bed, your wood floor, cabinetry or furniture to your cement driveway or your laminate countertop.  Contact us today and learn more about your options.

  • AFM Safecoat Polyureseal Image

    AFM Safecoat Polyureseal

    A water-based, clear gloss finish with exceptional durability and abrasion resistance More...
  • Bioshield Hard Oil #9 Image

    Bioshield Hard Oil #9

    A deeply penetrating finish suitable for wood and stone. More...
  • Bioshield Resin Floor Finish Image

    Bioshield Resin Floor Finish

    A clear to slightly amber traditional oil-based finish More...
  • Marmoleum Floor Finish Image

    Marmoleum Floor Finish

    Formulated specifically to create a wipe-clean surface on Forbo true-linoleum floors More...
  • Murdoch's U-500 Uralkyd Image

    Murdoch's U-500 Uralkyd

    Murdoch's U-500 Uralkyd description More...
  • OSMO Polyx Oil Image

    OSMO Polyx Oil

    Engineered finish made with plant oils and waxes More...
  • OSMO Pro Color Oil Image

    OSMO Pro Color Oil

    A high solid interior wood stain for use with OSMO Polyx Oil More...
  • Sutherland Welles Tung Oil Image

    Sutherland Welles Tung Oil

    Sutherland Welles Tung Oil Description More...
  • Tried and True Linseed Oil Image

    Tried and True Linseed Oil

    This finish is suitable for all types of wood items, including floors. More...
  • Vermont Natural Coatings Image

    Vermont Natural Coatings

    Vermont Natural Coatings description More...