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Products we have remaining to sell are: 1 Rais Gizeh stove $695 (reg. $1695);  1 Rais Bazaar stove ($695 (reg. $1695); 1bamboo vanity $150; 1 fsc certified wood vanity $150; 385 sf of reclaimed oak flooring (4″, 5″, 6″ and 7″ widths) – $5.95/sf; 2 Sunearth solar thermal panels (brand new, still in packaging on a-frame) – $1800 for the two; odds and ends of Eleek light switch plates and drawer pulls, all 70% off retail, odds and ends of Spectra Decor drawer pulls at 70% off retail; OSMO One Coat Only in .75 liter cans (most colors available) for $11/can; Timber Pro Deck & Fence and Log & Siding (some 5 gallon pails and some 1 gallon pails) – $12/gallon; Torzo pieces and Eleek light fixtures.  Email us today to find out details (

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