Tried and True Linseed Oil

Tried & True Varnish Oil produces a satin finish which is achieved by buffing and polishing the surface.  This finish is suitable for all types of wood items, including floors. (It is not as durable as  OSMO Polyx Oil, however it is completely solvent free).

Varnish Oil, which has the consistency of warm honey, is a blend of highly refined polymerized linseed oil and modified pine sap, which is a natural resin. Varnish Oil Finish can be applied to well-sanded bare wood or over a stain. Apply when both the wood and the finish are above 70°F.

Warm the finish first to approximately 100°F to 120°F to allow for easier application and accelerate drying.  Warm the product in the
can placed in a pan of water, never directly over the flame. Apply a thin coat with a cloth. For large floors, pour a puddle and spread the finish with a squeegee fitted with a rubber blade. Allow the finish to soak in.

Wipe off briskly with a cotton cloth until dry. No finish should come off on a clean cloth. Allow to cure for 24 hours. Burnish with #0000 steel wool or a soft cloth. The more you rub, the better it will look. Additional coats, applied the same way and with the same curing times, deepen the shine and increase protection. Two coats are usually enough on vertical surfaces. Table tops should get three.

For floors, we recommend applying a first coat of Danish Oil Finish and allowing that to dry. Then apply two or three coats of Varnish
Oil, allowing each to dry as recommended above before the next coat is applied.

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