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Pioneer Millworks reclaims numerous wood species from commercial and industrial buildings built between the turn of the century and the early 1930s.  This was a time when the railroads were shipping materials across the country inexpensively, the old growth forests were being cut with a vengence, and the stell “I” beam had not yet become the standard for heavy construction.  Today, as these buildings fall to the wreckers, the structural timbers can often be salvaged and resawn for a second use.

What are the advantages of using reclaimed wood for your project?

Stability: Moisture content in reclaimed timbers generally run in the mid to low teens and this means minimal movement.  Joints staytight, and bowing, splitting and twisting after installation is virtually nonexistent.  Board stock is then kiln dried down to levels appropriate for flooring, trim or cabinet work.

Aesthetics:  The signs of previous use evident in reclaimed material enhances the beauty of the old growth wood that was cut for use before we realized the destructive nature of that practice.

Environmental Responsibility:   We all know the strain that our forests are under these days, particularly the old growth reserves. The use of reclaimed material is a choice that we can make to reduce the impact on our woodlands.

History:  Many clients enjoy the fact that they will be using wood that has had another life.  One of the great attractions of reclaimed woodwork is the chance to incorporate a sense of history into a project, while giving new life to a disappearing natural resource.

Available species number greater than forty options of reclaimed hardwoods and softwoods in different grades, widths and lengths. For a durable, environmentally responsible and stunningly beautiful floor, look no further than Pioneer Millworks.

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