Recycled Glass Countertops

Are you looking for countertops that are both durable and attractive? Are you looking for a usable, hard surface that won’t have a detrimental impact on our natural resources? Have you seen the variety of recycled glass countertops on the market? At The Green Building Center we can help you get the best recycled counters for your kitchen or bathroom.

The recycled countertops we offer include everything from IceStone and PaperStone to Trinity Glass and Squak Mountain Stone. These countertops offer sustainable surfaces made from reclaimed and recycled materials like glass, concrete, paper, and more. The glass is often post-consumer waste from curbside recycling programs, or pre-consumer waste left over in manufacturing plants or reclaimed from demolished buildings, so now it will go to creating beautiful household items rather than piling up in landfills.

Recycled countertops come in a wide variety of styles and colors. PaperStone, for example, has a clean, contemporary look but reminds many people of soapstone, while Icestone Recycled Glass countertops embed colorful glass fragments in a masonry binder for a completely unique appearance. Take a look at our selection of countertops to find the style that matches your needs.

At The Green Building Center we are committed to providing reliable building materials that have minimal effect on the environment. We have some of the most attractive and sustainable countertops available. Contact us to learn more about our recycled counters or to place your order now.

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  • IceStone Image


    IceStone is the first and only durable surface to have achieved Cradle to Cradle certification More...
  • PaperStone Countertops Image

    PaperStone Countertops

    A composite surface material designed to give the beauty of stone and the strength of steel More...
  • Squak Mountain Stone Image

    Squak Mountain Stone

    Made from 3% post-consumer and 64% post-industrial recycled content More...
  • Suberra Cork Countertops Image

    Suberra Cork Countertops

  • Trinity Glass Image

    Trinity Glass

    Recycled Glass and low carbon cement countertops made in Seattle, Washington More...
  • Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Image

    Vetrazzo Recycled Glass

    Mixed colors of recyled glass chips embedded in a masonry binder for a terrazzo-like look More...