Flooring Installation Information and Disclaimer

We are more than happy to provide you with samples of our graded flooring prior to
purchase.  Every effort will be made to accurately display the range of natural features (color,
grain, knots…) inherent in each grade, however real wood is an organic material and will vary
somewhat from tree to tree and board to board.  We cannot guarantee that the wood you
order will EXACTLY match your samples.  Best results are had when the installer and client go
through the flooring boards on site, prior to installation to design and lay out the wood to your
particular tastes.

Installation trim – Your installer will incur some cutting waste in the installation process.  Compute
installation trim at 10% above the actual covered square footage of the space for normally
shaped rooms.  Installation in rooms with numerous bays, fireplaces, closets and recesses may
generate greater trim loss.  Diagonal, herringbone and other patterns may require more
material as well.  Please consult with your professional installer.

Packaging and shipping – We can ship anywhere in North America using common carriers.
Each order is bundled to an easy carrying weight and professionally packed and banded to
help assure safe arrival.

Equalizing temperature and humidity before installation – We carefully kiln dry our hardwood
lumber to an average 6-9% moisture content prior to milling in order to stabilize boards and to
flooring be delivered after the wet trades (cement, drywall, plaster, painting…) are complete.
We recommend that the building’s air handling systems be in operation so that heat and
humidity levels are at occupancy levels at least one week prior to the flooring’s arrival to assure
that the site is dry.  The flooring should then be stacked in the area it is to be installed, such that
adequate air flow may circulate around all sides of the bundles, allowing the wood to
breathe. Depending on geographic location, time of year and job site factors, one to three
weeks acclimation time should be sufficient.

Finishing – All woods age naturally.  The familiar colors of older floors are due largely to exposure
to sunlight over time.  Some woods, including Cherry, Madrone, Douglas Fir and Pine will darken
somewhat as they age.  Try to accommodate for this as you consider fill colors, stains and
finishes.  We suggest moving area rugs regularly in the first weeks after installation to allow
sunlight even exposure to the wood. We always recommend the use of environmentally
responsible finishes with our floors.  Please call if you would like more information on available
products.  Follow all manufacturer application and care instructions when applying your finish
and maintaining your floor in the future.

Returns – For 30 days after your product arrives and before installation, we will replace or
exchange all or part of your order for any reason if you are not satisfied. PLEASE INSPECT YOUR
SHIPMENT UPON ARRIVAL. Materials to be replaced or exchanged must be returned by you and
inspected by us prior to additional shipments.  Your return shipping charges will be reimbursed
for any materials found to be defective.  Materials you have altered cannot be returned.
Defective goods will be replaced or refunded, non-defective goods will be subject to a 25% re-
stocking fee and must be returned freight pre-paid, in original condition and packaging.

Maintenance and Upkeep of your floor – Please note that seasonal movement in a solid wood
floor is to be expected, as wood is a product of nature and will expand and contract with
changes in humidity and temperature.  Slight gaps will usually appear between boards during
the winter months and tighten in the summer.  Minimize heat and humidity fluctuations with
the use of a timer thermostat and humidifier/de-humidifier,  especially if the house is left un-
occupied for long periods of time (ie. extended vacations).  Cleaning of your floors is best done
with a dust mop or slightly damp mop.