Green Building Products

At The Green Building Center, we offer a variety of attractive, durable and environmentally friendly finish products for remodeling or building your home or office.  Our building products are made from recycled or renewable materials which give each item a beautifully unique aesthetic.

Take a look at our recycled countertops to find a beautiful alternative to granite and other materials. Everything from IceStone to Squak Mountain Stone countertops provide a durable and beautiful surface made from recycled glass, low carbon cement, or even paper. These countertops are great in the kitchen or the bathroom, and we will help you find the one that’s right for you.

Our green building product selection also includes flooring, tile, carpets, and paneling products that use renewable, recycled, or repurposed materials. Whether you are looking for bamboo flooring or a supply of wheatboard for a cabinetry project or as wall coverings, we will make sure you get the products you need.

We are dedicated to helping you find the building products you need to complete your projects and minimize your impact on the environment. Order your products today and find out what The Green Building Center can do for you.