Green Living Tips – Introduction

For every aspect of our lives we have a preconceived notion that efficiency must be optimized. From Henry Ford creating the assembly line to the modern day GPS function that gets us to our destination the fastest way possible. So why aren’t we doing more to drive new construction towards a net zero efficiency?

There is so much that we the people can do to save electricity that it is ridiculous as to why we haven’t done it sooner. What if we could all save $100 off of our electric bill a month? That equates to $36,000 over the course of a typical mortgage. I can guarantee that it wouldn’t initially cost you $36,000 to reduce your electric bill $100.

Now what if you added that $100/ month to your mortgage and potentially compound these savings into more money? I did some number crunching ….you can do you own here.

* By adding $100 a month to your mortgage it can reduce your mortgage by reducing the years to 23.5 years (22% reduction) and a total savings of $37,186.


30 yr mortgage 23.5 yrs w/ extra payment
Principle $150,000 $150,000
Interest rate 5% 5%
Monthly payment 805.23 905.24
Interest payable 139,993 102,614
Interest + principle 289,800 252,614





My goal for this blog is to provide quality content that will increase the viewer’s knowledge on how we can step lightly and leave a minimal footprint. If it seems that we might get into some economics talks, just remember, “Money is the motive.” For most people in our society this is what will get people to change their minds.

{Insert cliffhanger here} I’ll start the tips on the next post!

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